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Admissions committees for the master’s programs

Admissions committees for the master’s programs

The admissions committees are responsible for verifying admission requirements to the master’s programs at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

The persons listed in the following are your direct contacts for specific questions about individual admission requirements (e.g. relevance of a B.A. degree program, recognition of language certificates etc.) for individual master’s programs.

The lecturers listed below are also your first point of contact for examination recognition and classification to a higher academic semester with the exception of the master of education (teacher training). At the end of this text, you can find a link to the overview of individual advisors. Recognition of and classification to teacher training programs takes place at the partial program (subjects) level.

Master of Education in Europe
Prof. Dr. B. Niemeyer

Master of education programs
Karin Schulz-Sommer

Master of Energy and Environmental Management in Industrial Countries
Prof. Dr. O. Hohmeyer

Master of European Studies
Dr. Laura Asarite-Schmidt

Master of International Management Studies
Maren Baur

Master of Culture, Language and Media
Dr. S. Machat

Master of Transformation Studies
Dr. Maike Böcker

Master of Vocational Education
Prof. Dr. A. Grimm (electric and information technology)
Prof. Dr. R. Schlausch (metal and automotive technology)

Master in Early Child Education
Coordinating office at IQSH or by email

We recommend making contact by email.

Advisors are also available as the first point of contact for subject-related questions for every program and also every partial program (subject). You can find an overview of all contact persons here sorted by program.