Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. Mark Twain

Dr. Jonathan Mole

+49 461 805 2033
+49 461 805 952033
Gebäude Riga 7 - RIG 715

The EAP courses are offered by the TextLab! team.

Course registration

If you wish to register for an EAP course, please send an email to: jonathan.mole-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de

The following information is necessary:

1. Title of the course you are interested in

2. First name and surname

3. The course you are studying (BA/MA) or your employee status

Office hour

Office hour in autum semester 2021/22: Tuesday, 10 - 11:00, and by appointment (Webex)


In addition to the course offerings, there is also the possibility of obtaining a consultation to discuss your individual project / writing issues etc. Please email jonathan.mole-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de for an appointment.

English language assessment

A quick assessment of your English can be carried out at: