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Research School Presentation: Kseniia Cherniak (ICES)

RIg 601 & online

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Im Rahmen der ICES Research School hält Kseniia Cherniak (Politikwissenschaft und Politikdidaktik) ihre Präsentation.

The Common Defence and Security Policy of the European Union has been under close attention during the last years, when the EU started to invest more into defence research and established several institutions to deal with defence and defence policy on the EU level. Researchers expressed various predictions about whether the European Union is going to further integrate and develop into a military union. On the other hand, the EU for decades promotes a strong relationship with NATO in the field of security, while member states have wide rights to act on their own when it comes to security and military support. Nowadays, when Russian aggression against Ukraine transformed into an open war that represents a threat to the whole Europe, the question of the EU Defence Policy development becomes even more urgent. In her presentation, Kseniia Cherniak will discuss the expose of her PhD dissertation that poses the question "How does the Russian war against Ukraine influence the Defence Policy of the European Union?". 

Veranstaltungsort: In RIG 601 und hybrid: Cisco Webex Meetings - Meeting-Details


RIg 601 & online