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Research Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Sybille Bauriedl (Geographie)

RIG 601 & online

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Im Rahmen des ICES Research Colloquium hält Prof. Dr. Sybille Bauriedl (Geographie) einen Vortrag mit dem Titel: "Platformization of Urban Life"

The digital platform economy has become an increasingly central actor for socioeconomic processes in European cities. It reorganises the social and economic relation as the geography of care work, of urban life and value creation at both local and global scales. Digital platforms such as Lieferando, Uber, Airbnb and Helpling operate as intermediaries between service providers and costumers by which they transform labour, service provision and consumption patterns and reshape socio-spatial structures in cities and people’s everyday routines. We will present an insight into the new research field from a social science perspective and share our research findings on smart mobility and meal delivery services.

Veranstaltungsort in RIG 601 und hybrid: Cisco Webex Meetings - Meeting-Details


RIG 601 & online