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The role of third-party funding in the German academic system and what that means for young scholars

ICES Research Atelier – Spring Semester 2024 – Final Semester Event

Prof. Dr. Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch & Dr. Sébastien Tremblay

Third-party funding plays an increasingly important role in our academic system. Not only has the ratio of third-party funding to core and running budget increased, but the importance of successfully obtaining third-party funding for a successful application for a professorship has also increased significantly.

How does this growing importance of third-party funding affect us as researchers? What are the challenges of such a system and what struggles are associated with it? What are its benefits in the long or short term? How does the role of third-party funding affect our decisions regarding our research topics, the relationships to our colleagues and our well-being as academics?

Questions such as these will be the focus of the final event of the 2024 ICES Research Atelier. This event will center around a conversation between young researchers and members of the ICES Directorate who will share their personal experiences related to the discussed topics. The discussion will be facilitated by the co-host of the research atelier. Our aim is not to reach a definitive conclusion about the current system, but rather to learn from each other's experiences and broaden our perspectives. Echoing this casual setting, there will be an informal reception immediately following the discussion, so that we have time to celebrate the end of the semester.


The final semester event will take place as an attendance-only meeting on June 25, 16:00 in RIGA 601. After the conversation we will come together to an informal reception in the RIGA building, starting around 17:00.

More information on the Research Atelier

The Research Atelier is meant to serve as a platform where early-stage researchers get constructive feedback on their work. This means that it is not required to present final and full-fledged papers. To the contrary, everyone is invited to present ongoing work and receive feedback on open questions during the Atelier. Moreover, you are encouraged to circulate this information alongside an invitation to join to all early-career researchers that you think might be interested in participating.

We organize the Atelier through the project management platform Basecamp. In case you want to follow regular updates or want to contribute the Atelier you are very welcome to do so. Just write an email to Claudius: claudius.graebner-radkowitsch-TextEinschliesslichBindestricheBitteEntfernen-@uni-flensburg.de


RIG 601 & online