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Estela Schindel: The EU border regime: a cultural sociological inquiry

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Estela Schindels research project examines the discourses, policies and practices involved in EU border surveillance and control, and in the undocumented border crossings into the Schengen area. It focuses on the definitions and values at stake at the European border regime and aims to understand what underlying assumptions and values inform the discourses and practices of border making inquiring about the production of differentiated subjectivities. While focusing on the very materiality of border crossings and the practices of border surveillance and control, the aim is to interpret them from a cultural sociological perspective in terms of meanings and subjectivities: Who is crossing the European borders and how? What knowledges, technologies and discourses are being mobilized in the crossing? What constructions of alterity and what thresholds in the definition of the human are being constructed and contested in the process? The work draws theoretically largely on Foucault’s and Agamben’s characterization of a political production of biologicized life or bare life, on one side, and on the Bruno Latour’s analysis of the production of asymmetries between the ‘Moderns’ and the other, ‘anthropological cultures’, on the other. In a multi-sited field research I have collected empirical material on three specific scenarios respectively at sea, and air (biometric) borders. All three are regarded as stages where not only the entitlement to mobility, but also certain instantiations of the human are being enhanced and contested.


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