Research Colloquium

jeweils donnerstags 17:15 – 18:45 Uhr in RIGA 601


Dr. Cornelia Klocker

The European Court of Human Rights, Non-Discrimination and Empowerment: Exploring Collective Dimensions

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Alexandra Berger

EU migration-development policies: How the EU connects development cooperation with external migration governance

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Dr. Dagmar Venohr

fake_fashion_agency – Aspekte ästhetischen Handelns mit einem transmedialen, -materialen und -kulturellen Gestaltungsphänomen

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Dr. Sören Carlson

Transnationalization, social class and the symbolic construction of "groupness".

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Dr. Tobias Nanz

Cold War Media: Red Phone, Hotline and Deterrence

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Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Greif

Algorithmic discrimination - a challenge to EU-Antidiscrimination Law?

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Vincent Gengnagel

Disciplines under Pressure: the Social Sciences and Humanities in European Research Funding

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Dr. Edmond Agyeman

Controlling Migration Pressure from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe: EU Policy and Emigration Resilience of Ghanaian Youth

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Doglas Nunes de Sousa

Tertiary education and precarious employment: the case of mass higher education in Southern Europe

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