Vol.4 Issue 2

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Links to single articles Vol.4, No. 2:

Wolf J. Schünemann/ Marlon Barbehön: EU critique beyond Euroscepticism and progressive stories: Introduction to the special issue (page 1 - 12)

Juan Roch: Unpacking EU contestation: Europeanization and critique in Germany and Spain (page 13 - 36)

Barbara Hoenig: ‘Critique as a vocation’: Reconstructing critical discourses on Europeanization in German sociology, 1990–2018 (page 37 - 58)

Lucie Chamlian: European Union Studies as power/knowledge dispositif: Towards a reflexive turn (page 59 - 77)

Tobias Lenz/ Kalypso Nicolaïdis: EU-topia? A critique of the European Union as a model. (page 78 - 101)

Georg Vobruba: The logic of populism. Consequences of the clash between complexity and simple thinking (page 102 - 106)

Rafael Alvear Moreno mit Ágnes Heller: Interview: "Beinahe in der ganzen Welt existiert der Kapitalismus ohne Demokratie" (page 107 - 115)

Vol.4 Issue 1

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Martin Seeliger/ Bernd Sommer: Countermovements in Europe? A Polanyian perspective (page 1 - 4)

Martin Seeliger: Trade union politics as a countermovement? A Polaniyan perspective (page 5 - 23)

Edward Webster: Trade unions and the Polanyian countermovement: a Southern perspective (page 24 - 28)

Maja Savevska: The fictitious commodification of money and the Euro experiment (page 29 - 42)

Jonah Stuart Brundage: Accumulation via QE: comment on Maja Savevska’s "The fictitious commodification of money and the Euro experiment" (page 43 - 47)

Christopher M. Rea: The EU emissions trading scheme: protection via commodification? (page 48 - 73)

Arild Vatn: Polanyi, markets and environmental protection (page 74 - 77)

Hans-Jürgen Bieling: Rise of right-wing populism in the Europe of today – outlines of a sociotheoretical exploration (page 78 - 91)

Floris Biskamp: A great variety of transformations – and populisms (page 92 - 102)

Klara Stumpf/ Bernd Sommer: The Economy for the Common Good: a European countermovement
against the destructive impacts of laissez-faire capitalism?
(page 103 - 115)

Michael Brie: Karl Polanyi and discussions on a renewed socialism (page 116 - 134)

Moritz Müller: Of (anti-)capitalism, countermovements, and socialdemocratic
bedtime stories. A review of recent literature on Polanyi
(page 135 - 148)

Silke van Dyk/ Stefanie Graefe: The reality of exclusive solidarity A response to Wolfgang Streeck’s "Between Charity and Justice" (page 149 - 154)

Ludger Pries: Between clarity and disorientation: remarks on the unease of Wolfgang Streeck with the 21st century migration (page 155 - 158)

Andreas Nölke: Keep it straight and simple, also with respect to migration: a comment on Streeck’s "Between Charity and Justice" (page 159 - 164)

Monika Eigmüller/ Martin Seeliger: A search for alternatives: Hauke Brunkhorst, Donatella della
Porta and Fritz W. Scharpf on the state of the European Integration
(page 165 - 174)