ICES Call for Conference Proposals (2019)

Das Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (ICES) unterstützt seine Mitglieder bei der Organisation und Finanzierung einer internationalen Konferenz im Bereich der Europaforschung an der EUF.

Mit diesem Aufruf möchten wir einen Anreiz setzen, sich um Drittmittel zur Finanzierung einer wissenschaftlichen Tagung zu bewerben. Potenzielle Fördermöglichkeiten sind z.B. die DFG oder die Fritz-Thyssen-Stiftung.

ICES wird Sie nicht nur bei der Erstellung eines Antrags unterstützen, sondern finanziert die Konferenz, falls Ihr Antrag nicht erfolgreich sein sollte! ICES ist in der Lage, Kosten bis zu 8.000 Euro zu decken, so dass entweder eine große oder zwei kleine Konferenzen bzw. Workshops finanziert werden können.

Schicken Sie bei Interesse bitte einen Antrag (1 Seite) mit einer kurzen Beschreibung des Konferenzthemas, der Organisatoren, des geplanten Termins, der erwarteten Teilnehmerzahl sowie einem Budgetplan. Der Antrag kann in deutscher oder englischer Sprache gestellt werden. Als interdisziplinäres Forschungszentrum freuen wir uns insbesondere Vorschläge für Konferenzen, die gemeinsam von Wissenschaftlern aus verschiedenen EUF-Instituten organisiert werden.

ICES call for conference proposals (2018)


The Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies, ICES, welcomes proposals from EUF scientific staff members who are interested in organising an international conference at the EUF in the field of European Studies.

With this call, we want to encourage you to apply for DFG funding within their programme "International Scientific Events". The DFG funds events such as international congresses, symposia, colloquia and workshops, international scientific conferences, annual meetings, and bilateral events. The grant can be used to pay for staff costs, room rental (including utilities), instrumentation and equipment, printed materials, office supplies, postage costs, travel allowance (travel and accommodation costs). The proposal has to be sent six months prior to the planned event. For more information see

When applying for conference funding you need to have a conference programme with a confirmed list of speakers already in the proposal stage. If your proposal is not successful, you have to decline the invitation extended to potential speakers. This fact often discourages from organising an international conference or workshop. The ICES call for proposals aims at offering a possibility to request speakers without the common reserve "in case it is funded".

ICES will support you in setting up a DFG proposal and will finance the conference in case your proposal is not successful! ICES is able to cover costs up to 10.000 Euro. This means that either one large or two small conferences / workshops will be funded.

Please provide a brief request (1 page), including a short description of the conference topic, organisers, intended date, and the expected number of participants, as well as a 1-page budget plan. The application can be sent in English or German. Being an interdisciplinary research centre, we encourage particularly proposals for conferences co-organised by academics from different EUF institutes.

We look forward to receiving your proposal. Please send them to latest by 01.03.2018.

ICES Summer Visiting Fellowship (Deadline: 15.03.2018)


The newly founded Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (ICES) at Europa-Universität Flensburg is pleased to invite applications for its 2018 summer visiting fellowship. This is an opportunity for senior scholars working in the field of European Studies to develop and elaborate on project ideas or forthcoming publications.  Situated on the campus of Europa-Universität Flensburg in the beautiful seaside town of Flensburg, in close proximity to both Denmark and the Baltic Sea, ICES offers ideal conditions for academic scholarship and exchange in an inspiring environment.

The ICES Summer Visiting Fellowship is a three-month, on-site fellowship for the period of May-July, 2018. The residency is meant to give the visitor a chance to exchange ideas and research with other scholars working within the ICES research community and to immerse her- or himself in the vibrant interdisciplinary atmosphere of the centre. In addition to a fully equipped workplace and access to all university resources and services, the fellow will receive a grant to cover the costs of her or his travel to Flensburg, a 500-euro stipend for travel within Germany and Europe during the fellowship term, and free accommodation in Flensburg. The ICES fellow is expected to present on her or his research and to be present in Flensburg for a minimum of six out of twelve weeks.

ICES encourages senior scholars of European Studies from the humanities or the social sciences to apply for this year's summer fellowship. For the application, please send a detailed cover letter and CV together with your project and publication record to the director of ICES by 15th of March 2018:  Prof. Monika Eigmüller,