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Kalender mit markiertem Termin

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"The Perfect Tax That Never Happened? - Misunderstanding Taxation"

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Why, in the most prosperous of economies, are we plagued by widening inequality, underfunded states and persistent unemployment? Why, in the most enlightened of times, are we thoroughly confused about governing our mixed economies and perilously disaffected with the results our democratic rule produces? What if there were alternative taxes, which afforded us more attractive tradeoffs between economic efficiency, equity and sustainability or other ends? What if we could agree on such alternative taxes, but would not, because we lacked the necessary information or suitable fora, and because our capacity for mutual reason-giving had been diminished by alienating inequality or clouded by special interest?

The first CiviCon Citizen Conference was undertaken to put these questions to a tentative, quasi-experimental test, hosting 16 diverse, self-selected citizens for a week of deliberating taxation in the summer of 2014. Citizens were tasked to design a tax system "from scratch", choosing among possible combinations of tax base and schedule. During the conference, participants studied some of the most important and contentious aspects of taxation in learning sessions, held by the investigator, deliberated in small group and plenary sessions, assisted by two trained moderators, met with two tax experts and prepared and held a press conference on their results.

While citizens considered themselves ill-prepared yet to recommend a tax, they felt more confident in deciding on tax policy and advocated for more and longer citizen participation on such abstract matters. If not necessarily a better tax, results indicate that deliberating taxation does indeed strengthen viewpoint consistency, and better structure subjectivies to avoid malaggregations. Deliberative democracy may or may not yield rational consensus on taxation, but at least, it should help reduce the rough-and-tumble of economic ideologies to fewer, deeper and reasonable disagreements, more amenable to last resort majority decisions.

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