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"Deconstructing Organ Donation Euthanasia: Legal Perspective"

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Violeta Beširević’s ongoing research is devoted to organ donation after euthanasia as an alternative to maximize the number of available organs for transplantation purposes. The discussion refers to theoretical and empirical issues. First, the author discusses theoretical arguments favoring organ donation euthanasia presented by Dominic Wilkinson and Julian Savulescu in the article "Should We Allow Organ Donation Euthanasia", published in Bioethics in 2012. Second, donation after cardiac euthanasia practiced in Belgium, and developing practice of donation after cardiac death in the U.S., as manifestly latent forms of organ donation after euthanasia, are elaborated. Third, the paper highlights judicial approach in the cases involving a newborn with anencephaly and the incompetent patient dependent on a life supporting system, which considered the issue of whether hastening death of incompetent dying patients solely for the purpose of organ procurement can be legally sanctioned.


Based on the ultimate dilemma - whether euthanasia followed by organ harvesting practice is about a dying patient, or it is all about maximization of available organs for transplantation, a discussion of the pressing issues - who lives, who dies and who decides, revolves around the issues of causation and time of death, the right not to be killed, informed consent, prohibition of torture, human dignity and the rights of persons with disabilities.


Violeta Beširević is a Professor of Law at Union University Law School Belgrade, a Research Associate at the CEU Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine in Budapest and a member of the Center for the Study of Bioethics in Belgrade. She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the European Public Law Organization. Professor Beširević was a visiting scholar at the NYU Law School, George Washington University Law School, Brigham Young University Law School, and the Asser Institute in The Hague. In 2012, she was awarded Fulbright stipend and spent the fall semester as a Global Research Fellow at the NYU School of Law. Violeta Beširević works in the field of human rights law, bioethics, comparative constitutional law, and international criminal law. Among many publications, she authored the book Euthanasia: Legal Principles and Policy Choices (Florence: European Press Academic Publishing, 2006); the book chapter (with J. Sandor et al.) Organ Trafficking, Organ Trade. Recommendations for a more Nuanced Legal Policy, in: "The EULOD Project: Living Organ Donation in Europe: Results and Recommendations", Ambagtsheer, F., Weimar, W., eds (Pabst Science Publishers, 2013), pp. 147-174; and the article: End-of-Life Care in XXI Century: Advance Directives in Universal Rights Discourse, (2010), 24 Bioethics 3 (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.), pp. 105-112, which is among the top five most read articles on Bioethics website since 2010.


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