Schullandheim Ban Horn umgeben mit Sand
Schullandheim Ban Horn umgeben mit Sand

Amrum 2023 - 15th Summer School in Historical Sociolinguistics

24-31 July 2023

Ban Horn, Amrum (Germany)

The summer school will take place in a youth hostel in the very north of the Frisian island of Amrum, in the far North-West of Germany. The youth hostel is surrounded by dunes (check their website for pictures), and only 100 meters to the beach and 1km to the nearest shops and cafés. Amrum is well-known to tourists, so there is plenty to do for those who wish to explore during breaks.

The standard of accommodation will be basic but perfectly acceptable. You will be sharing your room with one or two other students, depending on the size of the room. Three meals a day are included in the price.

The courses will be taught in English.


There will be six hours (3 x 2 hours) of teaching every day (4 in the morning, 2 in the early evening, with afternoons free for beach-time or reading pleasure). On the Wednesday there will be a full day excursion to the island of Föhr.

  • James Hawkey (Bristol): From past to present: Historical language ideologies, language policy and variation in the Catalan-speaking Pyrenees
  • Joseph Salmons (UW Madison): Historical enregisterment of emerging varieties
  • Monica Macaulay (UW Madison): 125 years of variation and change in Menominee, a native language of Wisconsin
  • Peadar O Muircheartaigh (Edinburgh): The sociolinguistics of Early Irish
  • Peter Thaler (University of Southern Denmark): Language, Politics, and Identity in the History of Schleswig
  • Sheila Watts (Cambridge): Defining Linguistic Difference: Middle Low German and Middle Dutch
  • Silvia dal Negro (Bozen/Bolzano): Language change in demographically reduced languages: the example of Walser German

Registration Fee

The price of EUR 500 includes accommodation, full board, transport from and to Dagebüll (the mainland) to Amrum, the teaching program and costs associated with the excursion.

If you register and pay by May 31st, we offer an early-bird discount. You save EUR 100.

Information on Travel

You can either go directly to Dagebüll Mole or come to Flensburg by train, as we will help organize transportation from Flensburg to Dagebüll. We will then take a ferry from Dagebüll Mole to Amrum.

There is a regular, daily ferry going from Dagebüll Mole to Wittdün on Amrum. The second to the last ferry leaves Dagebüll Mole at 15:05, the last at 18:00 on the 24th of July. (Please check again in advance: If you travel independently, you can buy tickets for the ferry via the website, an app or at ticket machines in Dagebüll Mole. Please allow yourself enough time if you chose the latter. If you travel with us or meet us in Dagebüll and let us know before 1st of June we will buy the tickte for you as it is included in the registration fee (see below).

  • Please make sure, to go to Dagebüll Mole, as this is the ferry harbour.
  • We recommend aiming for the ferry at 15:05 (or earlier), so in case your trains are delayed, you could still catch the last ferry of the day.
  • If you arrive for the ferry at 15:05 and let us know before 1st of June, we will purchase the ferry ticket for you as it is included in the registration fee.
  • Please let us know before 1st of June.
  • Please be in Flensburg by 12:30. The shuttle will leave at 13:00.
  • We will purchase the ferry ticket for you as it is included in the registration fee.
  • Once you are on the island of Amrum, we will arrange travel to the conference site Ban Horn (about 10 km from the port). We will be in touch with details.
  • If for one reason or another you prefer to get to Ban Horn independently, either rent a bike in Wittdün or take the public bus. It departs every hour from the port – travel to Norddorf Mitte and then walk the rest of the way to Schullandheim Ban Horn (about 1 mile / 2kms). The last bus departs at 20:45.
  • There are cabs/taxis on Amrum, but as this might get expensive, we recommend this only if no bus is available.

If you take the train from Hamburg to either Dagebüll Mole or to Flensburg, we will offer you a "Travel Companion" with some historical and linguistic information on your travel route through Schleswig-Holstein to shorten your train ride. Please find your personal travel companion here:

  • coming soon …

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