Research Questions

RQ1. Summative I: What types of language revitalisation activities have taken place at what time in what areas of the North Frisian language region?

RQ2. Summative II: What scholarly research has been conducted with what aims and in which parts of North Frisia?

RQ3. Data collection I: In what geographical area / villages and with what socio-demographic dynamics are the figures for language competence and language usage highest or lowest?

RQ4. Data collection II: What is the perception of the North Frisian language, its users and any language planning / revitalisation activities that consultants have encountered?

RQ5: Analysis: What correlations can be observed or posited between the existence of (historical or current) language revitalisation activities and changes in the competence, usage or perception of minority languages, in our case, that of North Frisian?

RQ6: Analysis: What wider conclusions can be drawn from a comparison of our findings for North Frisian and that of other case studies?