News der Fakultät I

Workshop "Historical reconstruction: Touching the Past" in Wroclaw

"Historical reconstruction: Touching the Past" was the title of a fascinating workshop in Wroclaw (Poland) where five members of our institute presented their current research.

The workshop aimed for the first time at international contributions from renowned researchers and hence had a considerable number of invited presentations. The precursor workshops from the team around Katarzyna Pękacka-Falkowska, Danuta Raj, Maciej Włodarczyk and Jakub Węglorz aimed at contributions from researchers within Poland. Their step onto the international stage can be considered a huge success.

The Pharmaceutical Museum in Wroclaw's City Center was chosen as conference venue and this choice provided a very nice frame for the participants, who represented more than a dozen different countries. It was a very friendly and vivd atmosphere that resulted - due to the highly interdisciplinary presentations - a number of new insights for all the participants. More information on the contents and contributors can be found in the conference program.