Fachschaft / Student Council

Welcome to the English Department! We are the current student representatives and always happy to help :) We can offer assistance if you have questions concerning your studies in general or issues related to a certain class. We also organize two annual parties, one for Christmas and one in the summer, though we've experimented with other formats in the past like virtual escape rooms and rallies.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email or Whatsapp! We are usually represented in every group of each semester.
Email: fv-englisch-TextEinschliesslichBindestricheBitteEntfernen-@uni-flensburg.de

Eure FachschaftsvertreterInnen

oben links: Merve Lapa (Englisch & Kunst und visuelle Medien)
oben rechts: Lara Lustina (Englisch & Biologie)

unten links: Jule Westphalen (Englisch & Sport)
unten mitte: Sema Kaya (Englisch & Mathematik)
unten rechts:  Anna Fehring (Englisch & Germanistik)

Upcoming Events!

This year, we’re working with Prof Dr. Michelle Witen to bring "Bloomsday" to the EUF.  Click on the poster for more information!!