The Centre for Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education offers a variety of courses for University staff, teachers and other interested adults. [...] [11588]

The Team

Our team consists of the Executive Director, Dr. Steffen Kirchhof and several employees with different roles.

As an administrative assistant, Ingrid Goessmann deals with all matters regarding the participants, lecturers and the team.

Arne Möller supports the team via the project "learning online - on-site promotion" ( LINAVO ) and deals with the recognition of informal qualifications and e-learning related matters.

The MeQS projects provide ZWW with "better quality of study through synergy".  Anke Kohler, and Aileena Klose are responsible for the university certificate" ReflActive Teaching: conscious action in teaching". They also deal with accreditation and evaluation matters and keep the ZWW website up to date.