Introductory words


The subject of the guest study programmes are both, special events, such as introductory or accompanying events and lectures tailor-made for the target group of adults as well as open lectures and seminars that are part of the regular study programme.

As a rule, any person who is interested in further education may apply to take part in the "guest study programme for interested adults". A secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur) or equivalent higher education entrance qualifications are therefore not required. Nevertheless, guest students have to be admitted in order to participate. They are required to enrol as guest students with ZWW.


The University offers various advisory and guidance services to make it easier for people to take up studies that do not lead to professional qualification. People who are interested in the guest study programme and those already registered as guest students may contact ZWW directly with their questions. ZWW provides specific advice to guest students and potential guest students on individual requirements and the opportunities within continuing education. It is recommended that new and potential guest students in particular use this service and arrange a course guidance appointment with ZWW.

In addition there are special information events about guest studies at Europa-Universität Flensburg and the opportunities. Introductions to basic study techniques are also provided.

For further help and advice please contact the Student Guidance and Counseling Service (ZSB). This is especially useful if you are a guest student and are interested in taking up a regular university course. ZSB is always available to deal with any questions in connection with a university education.

Here you can contact the Central Student Counseling Service.


To enrol as a guest student or to participate in the guest student programme you must first be admitted. Students are admitted to ZWW at the beginning of the semester for one semester at a time.

A guest fee is payable upon registration. This fee is currently 100,- Euros per semester. This will allow you to attend open lectures at Europa-Universität Flensburg and also to participate in all events of the ZWW guest study programme. You will also receive an Internet account for access to the University PC-laboratory.

Along with confirmation of your application for admission you will receive an invoice for the payment of the guest fee from ZWW. At the same time you will also receive your password for your Internet account together with your guest student number.

It is possible to be exempted from the guest fee upon application in cases of social hardship. If you have any queries please contact the head of ZWW, Dr. Steffen Kirchhof directly (tel +49 461 805 3334).

Upon receipt of your invoice please transfer the semester fee into the account specified on the invoice.

On the bank transfer form you need to provide the reference number as well as your personal registration number in the reason for payment (Verwendungszweck) section.

The secretariat is always personally available on mondays between 1 and 3 p.m. and wednesdays between 10 and 12 a.m. in Telekom Building, Eckernförder Landstraße 65, room TK 5145a or on +49 461 805 3333.