ZIMT Board of Advisors


The ZIMT Board of Advisors has been commissioned by the Senate (see section 3 of the Charter) and provides critical, crucial and constructive advice to ZIMT. It therefore in not a decision-making body, but rather makes consensual recommendations not only to ZIMT, but on budget matters also to ZHP and, if required even to the University Board.

In its capacity as (CIO) Board, one of the main tasks of the ZIMT Board of Advisors is to (continue to) develop a road map for the medium and long term planning for ZIMT for the next 5 years. In the course of this, the Board of Advisors provides support with the strategic planning and prepares the resolutions of the decision-making committees, but also helps to synchronise the planning with the university's decisions and goals.

A further task of the Board of Advisors is to analyse the draft budget and to provide intensive advice on the plausibility of the budget - with regard to the road map and in reference to the total resources available to the university.

In cooperation with ZIMT's management, the Board of Advisors works defines and sets out ZIMT's range of services. Such considerations are always connected with an analysis of the resources and their control by ZIMT's management.

A key function of the Board of Advisors is to communicate developments both from the University to ZIMT and vice versa - in the interest of a transparent communication.

The ZIMT Board of Advisors 2012-2014


The Board consists of the following members:
a member of the University Board (in accordance with the schedule of responsibilities)

Elected by the Senate:

  • three members of the group of professors and;
  • one member of the group of scientific staff;
  • one member of the group of non-scientific staff;
  • one member of the group of students.

The Board of Advisors elects a chairman from among its ranks.

Period in office

The elected members' period in office is two years, the period in office of student members is one year.


Reports to the Senate

Filename Category Date Size / type
Periode 2018 - 2020 05/05/21 127 KB (PDF)
Periode 2016 - 2018 08/30/18 122 KB (PDF)
Periode 2014 - 2016 03/28/17 145 KB (PDF)
Periode 2012 - 2014 05/26/14 110 KB (PDF)


Customer satisfaction & suggestions for improvement:

ZIMT is committed to providing the best possible service with the resources available, to solve problems in a timely manner and to keeping you - our customers - satisfied.

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by ZIMT or have any ideas or suggestions for improvement please contact ZIMT Customer Satisfaction.

Contact details for the ZIMT Board of Advisors:

The contact details of the members of the ZIMT Board of Advisors can be found under the tab "Members"/"Mitglieder" on the German version of the page.