Banner zeigt den blauen Schriftzug "Windows 10" - links davor ist das Windows-Logo abgebildet. Der Hintergrund des Banners ist weiß mit verschieden großen blauen Quadraten.
Banner zeigt den blauen Schriftzug "Windows 10" - links davor ist das Windows-Logo abgebildet. Der Hintergrund des Banners ist weiß mit verschieden großen blauen Quadraten.

Windows 10: Free for all Students

As a student of Europa-Universität Flensburg, you have the option to download free of charge Windows 10 Education Upgrade for private use . For this, the EUF has joined the so-called "Windows 10 Student Use Benefit."

Windows 10 Education is a fully comprehensive version of Windows.

Just five steps:

  1. Read this page to learn about the conditions.
  2. Use your student email address to register in the Microsoft webstore distributor Kivuto.
  3. Order your free Windows 10 license.
  4. Save and/or print out your license code!
  5. Download Windows 10 by following the steps in the "Getting Started" guide provided in the store.


Questions and answers

Yes, Windows 10 Education is completely free for students of Europa-Universität Flensburg.

However, please note that you are entering into a usage agreement with the Microsoft company, not EUF. While this does not change the fact that Windows 10 is completely free for you, it does mean that your contact person is not the university. Rather, it is Microsoft or the distributor Kivuto commissioned by Microsoft.

All enrolled students at Europa-Universität Flensburg are entitled to get Windows 10 Education.

On the software distributor Kivuto's site, you only need to provide your name and student email address.

Windows 10 Education has the same features as Windows 10 Enterprise and thus goes far beyond the normal Windows 10 (Home or Pro) in its range of functions.

For example, it offers security features such as BitLocker for computer encryption, or Windows to Go for creating an executable Windows on a USB stick.

Detailed overview tables and PDF downloads on the subject can be found here:

"Upgrade" simply means that you must be in possession of a previous version of Windows. If you already own a Windows notebook or computer, this is usually automatically so.  Alternatively, you are allowed to install this version of Windows on a Windows computer or Mac, as an additional virtual Windows instance.

To activate your new Windows 10, you use the license key you get from the Kivuto distributor website - not the old license key from your previous version.

Your license becomes valid starting on the day of purchase via the website discussed here.

In addition, you can continue to use your Windows 10 even if you leave the EUF.

Unlike Office 365, Windows 10 does not need to be renewed regularly.

In addition to upgrading your old Windows (Windows XP and above) or installing it as an additional virtual Windows instance on a Windows machine or Mac, you also have the option of improving your current version of Windows 10 by upgrading it to the Windows 10 Education version.

This is especially worthwhile if you've been using a Windows 10 Home or Professional on your home computer so far, since these versions come with fewer out-of-the-box features.

Just follow the "Getting started" instructions that you will receive after you complete your order.

When you get Windows 10 Education for free, you enter into a contract with Microsoft or its appointed distributor, Kivuto. You can get detailed help from the latter directly on the store page.

Europa-Universität Flensburg and ZIMT have no contractual or support agreement with students interested in purchasing Windows 10 Education.

Tips on Ordering

You are entitled to obtain a single license of Windows 10 Education.

If you try to get another license through the store, you will receive an error message stating that you have already placed the order.

To obtain your personal Windows 10 license, you must use your student email address (

When registering in the web store and ordering your free Windows license, you will receive several confirmation emails. So make sure that your email inbox is ready to receive them before you start your order.

In the online store, you will only receive the license code for your personal Windows copy. A direct download is not offered there.

However, an attached PDF file "Getting Started" explains how you can easily get the software yourself via the Microsoft website.

Please note that you have only one month to retrieve the license key from Microsoft in the online store. The store does offer you the option to extend the storage period to 24 months, this is subject to a fee.

So be sure to save the license code immediately after ordering, and/or print out the confirmation page right away.

The email you receive as confirmation will include a purchase confirmation, but not the license code.

Within one month of purchasing the license code, you can log in again using your university email address and your self-selected store password.

Locating the code is  a little tricky:

  1. After logging in, click on your email address in the upper right corner.
  2. Then click on your account/orders.
  3. Then select View Details.
  4. Save or print the license code.