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At Europa-Universität Flensburg various software products provided by the HIS GmbH are used to support administration processes.

The software provided by HIS GmbH is a so-called campus management system which is used to illustrate business processes in the field of student, event and examination management and other task fields of university management/administration.

The following systems provided by HIS-GmbH currently in operation include:

  • ZUL - application and admission management,
  • SOS - student administration
  • POS - examination management
  • BAU - building management
  • SVA - human resource management
  • QIS & LSF - various online services (Studiport, lecture management, application portal)

The Europa-Universität Flensburg uses QIS/LSF software, inter alia for the presentation of the course prospectus, the register of persons, room management, online applications, online attendance of lectures and exam registration. At the University we call this software package "Studiport".

Lecture assignment & Exams

How does the enrollment in courses work?

We have created a complete information page that explains how you can register for courses:

How does the registration for exams work?

You can register for exams via the function My functions -> Administration of examinations-> Register for exams.

Here you can click through the structure of your study program until you reach the desired exam.

When registering for examinations, please note the dates and times set by the regulations of your study program.


The FAQ are currently only available in german.


Everything you need to know: Infoflyer "Studiport"

A quick overview of events and exam registration, password change and other functions. Also available in paper form.

Studiport flyer

07/18/22 1 MB (PDF)

English and German version


Documentaries for Freshmen

Video- und PDF-Documentation for Freshmen


For questions concerning the transcript of records or accounting courses, please contact your local secretariat.

You can also contact the examination office [12052] when facing questions regarding grades.

When having technical problems, please contact, with an exact description of the error, your student number and your university email address.

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