E-mail for empolyees

General Information

General Information

The Europa-Universität Flensburg provides its employees with a modern e-mail service. The standard programme used is Microsoft Exchange (Outlook).

Each employees receives an e-mail address comprised of:

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Convenient access to e-mails, contacts and appointments

Microsoft Exchange (or Outlook) makes it easy to send and receive e-mails, to keep calendars, note appointments, save contacts, etc. :

  • At Work: via Outlook client (pre-installed and configurated by ZIMT)
  • On the Internet: worldwide via Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • On a mobile device: worldwide via Exchange ActiveSync
  • On a home PC: via Outlook Anywhere

At Work (via Outlook client).

ZIMT sets up access to your mailbox via Outlook Client on your IT-workplace.

Your Uni PC/laptop is then configured/ready for use.

On the Internet (via web client).

Outlook Web Client OWA (Outlook Web Access) provides you with worldwide access to your mailbox.
You can connect to the Web Client OWA

  • via the home page -> quick access -> Webmail
  • via the home page -> in the blue footer -> Webmail
  • by bookmarking the following website on your Internet browser: Webmail

On a mobile device (mobile phone/tablet)

Easy access to your e-mail/calendars and appointments is possible on many mobile devices via ActiveSync. You can find a guide for configuring various mobile phones/tablets under tab "documentation/instructions".

On your home computer

On your home computer or laptop, there are various options to access your mailbox:

  • via the Web Client (see "On the Internet" above)
  • via the Outlook client (in Outlook Anywhere mode)
  • via your preferred e-mail client

For instructions, see the tab "documentation/instructions"


Instructions for accessing your mailbox (e-mail, appointments, contacts)


01/31/23 482 KB (PDF)

Outlook Anywhere

05/07/14 451 KB (PDF)

Nutzung des Outlook-Clients am Heim-PC (Outlook Anywhere)



11/17/17 332 KB (PDF)


01/31/23 534 KB (PDF)

Rules of conduct in dealing with spam e-mails

The mail server addresses can be found here

Send files via EUFbox

What is EUFbox?

If you want to send large attachments to individual students (> 10 MB) or groups of these (> 2 MB), you can use the "EUFbox". You can use this to create a link where students can download the file(s), bypass the attachment size limit and thus avoid the limited student mailboxes becoming full.

The EUFbox can also be used to pass on large files to other outside addressees.

Note: The above limitation does not apply to sending attachments to university employees. E-mails can be sent with up to 20 MB attachments.

Share files in 5 steps

  1. Informally apply for a EUFbox account at eufbox-admin-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de (if not already done)
  2. Go to https://eufbox.uni-flensburg.de
  3. Log in using your regular access data
  4. Upload the files you want to distribute and create a share link
  5. Pass on this shared link and any password you have specified to the students

System fundamentals

  • 2 GB per employee
  • File releases can be limited by release duration and password
  • in addition, files are automatically deleted from the system after 7 months


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