Call for Paper (Download)

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The deadline for submissions is 10.12.2021

Conference language: English and German

Symposia (120 min): Symposia are directly related to the conference theme. They should comprise a maximum of four scientific presentations, whereby at least one presentation should be given by a scientist in the qualification phase. Internationality and interdisciplinarity in the selection of speakers for the symposia are also desired. An exposé comprises a framework text of max. 400 words and short presentations of the contributions of max. 200 words each. (A total of 1400 words is possible).

Individual contribution (30 min): Individual contributions can be submitted by individuals or groups. Three individual contributions will be combined into one session. An exposé comprises a maximum of 400 words.

Research forums (120 min): Research forums are free in terms of content and form. They offer national and international research projects or networks as well as groups of young researchers and doctoral students an opportunity for professional exchange. An exposé describes the project and the planned procedure and comprises a maximum of 500 words.)