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Kalender mit markiertem Termin

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Intercultural Celebration Show

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  • Student life


The Program:

  • Solo song from Nepal, student of EEM
  • Video about the studies at EUF 2021
  • Indian traditional dance, student of EUCS
  • Piano Impromptu #2 by Schubert, exchange student from Italy
  • DAAD award for the best international student
  • Dance from Yemen, participant of ProRef
  • Kurdish song/guitar, participant from ProRef
  • Semester abroad photo competition, by the Local Erasmus Initiative team
  • Intercultural fashion show
  • Solo song from Syria, participant of ProRef
  • Cello performance - student from EEM
  • Dance video from Jerusalema - by the media team and the Local Erasmus Initiative team
  • Solo song from Persia, student from EUS
  • Singing together "Can you feel the love tonight", by Elton John

A small buffet awaits you at the end of the program.

FREE Tickets available during 04-15 November, by the CampusEngel, Helsinki entrance.




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