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Campus conversations: On the education-biographical dynamic of an escape into the school as an institution

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Lecture by Dr. Mirja Silkenbeumer, Leibniz University of Hannover

This lecture will present results of the longitudinal study "Die Mühen des Aufstiegs" - Fallrekonstruktion zur familialen und bildungsbiografischen Dynamik erwartungswidriger Schulaufstiege" ("Struggling to advance - cases that illustrate familial and educational biographical-dynamic influences on pupils’ unpredicted progress at school by way of example.

What kind of dynamic enables advancement from a secondary modern school (Hauptschule) to grammar school (Gymnasium) within the framework of both familial and social background conditions that suggest a complete unfamiliarity with grammar school education?

Based on a case study, the specific psychosocial tensions connected to such advancement will be discussed in detail.