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Beyond the distinction between inclusion and exclusion. Some general considerations about the opportunities of participating that new media has to offer.

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Presentation by Werner Friedrich, Political Education, University of Hanover as part of the lecture series "Media Cultures - Media Theories - Media Education"

Hugely conflicting approaches currently exist on the subject of "participation" in "post-democracy". On the one hand, a greater involvement of citizens shall protect society from an imminent loss of legitimacy, which seems to develop and strengthen in many ways due to a growing alienation of the people from the established political institutions, whilst, on the other hand, it is precisely those means of participation that are suspected of being part of a comprehensive government strategy. The art of government of governmentality is a transcription of the balance of power i.e. the balance of power is not enforced against the people but with the aid of the people. In this context, participation represents a much more comprehensive instrument of power than the old categories of public authority, domination and subjugation. In this situation, a responsible education cannot only be about showing ways by which citizens are prepared to be incorporated as "addresses" into a government rationale but also about showing possible ways of sustainable participation.