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"Tomorrow Is Today"

Flensburg students organize an open conference on the future

"Today the Tomorrow" is this year's motto of the conference "Shaping the Future," organized by students in the interdisciplinary master's degree program in Transformation Studies at Europa-Universität Flensburg. The event focuses on questions of societal change, and on how it can be achieved both socially and ecologically. In lectures, discussions and workshops, participants will exchange ideas, engage in critical analysis, and together work on shaping a better future. To help participants regroup and recharge after so much engaged discussion, there will also be space to relax and reflect, as well as a complementary art and music program.

Online format

Participation is free of charge and registration is not necessary. Due to the pandemic, the conference will take place completely online for the second time. This event is organized by third-semester "Trafos," as the transformation students call themselves. The conference content, planning, organization, financing and implementation are handled by the students in an innovative exam format.


The focus of both the course and the conference is to dig deeper into the complex, socio-ecological challenges of today, as well as the promising opportunities and possible variations that will emerge from them in the future. Can technical solutions really save us from the multiple crises of our time? What exactly does sustainable production and 'grandchild-friendly' consumption mean? What new forms of economic activity does our society need? What role do collective, democratic and legal processes play in this? And how much of all this can already be found today,  and in what form? 

Website and program

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