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Bild einer Frau, die sich Notizen macht

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3D Printer Sponsors Needed

Apply now! The Science@Seas project is looking for student printer mentors

The Department of Physics and its Didactics and History is building a mobile makerspace as part of the Science@Seas project.

This includes five 3D printers of the type original PRUSA i3MK3S+ . These printers are looking for sponsors for the year 2022!

The sponsorship lasts exactly 1 year (January to December 2022), and can be taken over by one to three persons per printer (students and/or staff of EUF). Prerequisite is some manual skills and patience during the assembly (but the instructions are better than any IKEA manual!).
Otherwise, it's first come first serve!

Your task as a sponsor is:

Assemble the kit (time needed approx. 20 hours, until end of April)
Set up the corresponding laptop (time expenditure approx. 1-2 hours, until the end of April)
Regularly maintain and clean the printer and laptop after use (time required: approx. 1 hour per month)
The support of the printer at one of five festivals in the context of the Science@Seas project (time required: approx. 1-2 days during the summer)
In return, you can print what and as much as you want with the printer. You have to replace the filament on your own -- everything else is provided.

Please send the "application" for a sponsorship to:
Since it is "first come, first printed", you should be quick

For more information, see the PDF download