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Rules of procedure

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The Board of Europa-Universität Flensburg

The University Board has overall responsibility for the quality of teaching, research, technology transfer, scientific training, gender mainstreaming, decision-making and administrative processes, as well as for the organizational structure of the University. The University Board applies the operational quality management for the whole of the University.

The University Board ensures the quality of its degree programs through accreditation for its courses and by requesting feedback from students. Internal and external evaluation ensures a regular assessment of the quality of teaching, research, scientific training and technology transfer. The University Board of Europa-Universität Flensburg is comprised of the President, the Vice President for Europe and International Affairs, the Vice President for Studies and Teaching, the Vice President for Research and the Chancellor.

Board members' responsibilities

The President chairs the University Board and has the authority to issue policies. The Vice Presidents are responsible for the areas of European and international affairs, studies and teaching, and research. The President nominates professors,who are then elected by the Senate for a term of three years.

The Chancellor is head of the University’s administration and reports to the President without prejudice to the functional competences of the other members of the University Board and their areas of responsibility. He also oversees the University's budget.

Staff of the University Board

The University Board is assisted by the Executive Office of the Board and the Senate. In addition, the University Board is supported by the Officers for European and International Affairs, Research and Press, and the Public. The President also has a Personal Assistant. The secretariat of the University Board is the first point of contact for all enquiries.

In order to maintain high standards of quality in study and teaching, the University Board is also assisted by the Quality Management Department.