General code

A working group with the participation of

  • the General Student Committee social consultant (Catja Weissenberger)
  • the equal opportunities representative (Martina Spirgatis)
  • the head of the Service Center for Examination Matters (SPA) (Karin Schulz-Sommer)
  • the employee / deputy of the equal opportunities representative (Gurli Jendreiko)
  • the ombudsman for good scientific practice (Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer) 
  • the personal consultant of the President (Hilke Nissen)
  • the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) (until July 2014 Johanna Böhndel)
    as well as
  • the head of the Human Resources and Legal Department (Florian Gröblinghoff)

elaborated a text for a General Code during the past one and a half years.   

After two presentations and discussions in the Presidium and Senate accessible to the public of the university the text was unanimously adopted by the Senate in summer 2015 and presented to the university public on the occasion of the 2015 Future Week.  

On behalf of the working group


Martina Spirgatis