Information on dealing with the pandemic at our university

Update: 17/02/2021

We would like to inform you that the validity period for the Corona Ordinance for Higher Education Institutions will be extended until March 7, 2021. Thus, the following regulations continue to apply:

Hygiene measures

  • On-campus gatherings with a maximum of 1 person from outside of same household are allowed.
  • Mouth-to-nose covering is mandatory on the entire campus. A medical mask (a surgical mask or one that is FFP 2-, N95- or KN95-compliant) must be worn inside university buildings. This also applies to classes, meetings and exams.

Study and teaching

  • There will be no in-person (on-campus) classes.
  • There will be no in-person exams. The only exceptions are individual exams or those held in very small groups. All other in-person exams must be held in alternative formats.
  • Online exams are available as an alternative format; the procedure for carrying out these exams is governed by statute.
  • The "free attempt" option is also valid in Fall Semester 2020/21.
  • University libraries, media libraries and similar facilities will remain closed throughout the entire period. Media may still be borrowed and returned via the emergency service.

Working on campus

  • We strongly recommend that you work from home office wherever possible. Remaining at a campus workplace beyond what is absolutely necessary for working purposes is not desired.
  • Student workstations can only be provided in exceptional cases and upon request (when justified).

***Information regarding Spring Semester 2021***

The extent to which practical courses may be held in Spring Semester 2021, and the formats of exams that must be taken in the coming semester, will depend on the infection situation and legal framework of that time. Hence, we will likely be unable to inform you of further binding regulations for the Spring Semester 2021 until the first half of March.


  • There will be no classroom teaching from until the end of Fall Semester 2020/21.
  • There will be no face-to-face examinations this semester (Fall Semester 2020/21), except for individual examinations or those given in very small groups. All other face-to-face exams will be switched to alternative formats. Alternative formats have already been agreed on with the instructors involved. The SPA will inform students about their exams in a timely manner.

Central University Library (ZHB)

The library, media libraries and similar facilities will be closed during the entire period. However, borrowing and returning media will remain possible.

Student working spaces

Student working spaces cannot be used. Exceptions will be made for special hardship cases upon request.

Board and committee meetings

Board and committee meetings are to be held exclusively online during the period of validity of this Regulation. If, during the period of validity of this regulation, a faculty appointment committee makes an appointment suggestion during its final meeting, the procedure for that will be coordinated with the Human Resources Department.

Mouth and nose masks

  • Mouth-to-nose covering is now mandatory on all campus grounds.
  • A medical mask must be worn inside all university buildings. This also applies to events and exams.

Important documents (last update: 29-05-2020)

Dateiname Kategorie Datum Datei
Hygiene Concept 26/01/2021 ReadSpeaker docReader 02/03/2021 124 KB (PDF)
Corona Directive 26/01/2021 ReadSpeaker docReader 02/03/2021 144 KB (PDF)

Digital teaching formats in times of Corona virus (German only)

Further information

  • The Federal Ministry of Health has set up a hotline for general questions about coronavirus: Tel.: 030 / 346 465 100.

  • The Ministry of Health of Schleswig-Holstein has set up a hotline for questions about coronavirus,  related especially to Schleswig-Holstein: Tel.: 0431 / 79 70 00 01.

Coordination at EUF

We have set up a central e-mail address for questions about specific event cancellations, dealing with suspected cases or other questions about dealing with the topic of coronavirus at our university. Please send your questions to

The Presidium of EUF coordinates the measures and regulations and has established sub-working groups for this purpose, e.g. on study and teaching in general, on online teaching or on hygiene measures.