the Procedure

The  course selection for students with special life circumstances will be available from the 20th of August.

advance Course Selection

Students with special life circumstances may register for lectures prematurely. This procedure works against the disadvantage of students, who study with multiple responsibilities or a handicap and are therefore timely limited. The application for "prematurely course selection" needs to be filed either in writing or personally, including all required documents in the working area of equal opportunities (see contact details).

Submitted evidences will be destroyed after examination, therefore do not attach original documents.

Please read carefully the following instructions and examples to ensure a prompt handling of your application without any delay.

Beneficiaries → Valid Verification → Form

The form is attached in each text.

Parents / Step-parents / Person living in a household with a child that needs to be taken care of

  • Parents / Step-parents with children up to the age of 14 years → child´s birth certificat  → form
  • Person living in the same household as the child requiring care → 1. own registration card as well as child registration card; 2. legal guardian verification for childcare share of the applicant → form

Maternity protection period under certain circumstances

  • Expected delivery date ± 7 days valid election period → maternity record stating expected delivery date → form
  • Expected date of delivery within the first four weeks of lecture period → maternity record stating expected date of delivery → form

Nursing relatives under certain circumstances

  • Nursing relatives with entitlement of care benefit → care allowance notification → form
  • In case the in need of nursing related person is being taken care of in a family network → verification of the person who is entitled to receive an attandance allowance stating the shares of the student who helps nursing in relation to the overall nursing care→ form

Person with handicap or chronic disease under certain circumstances

  • Person with handicap → Verification of disabled person´s pass as well as a short explanation why an early registration for events balances an otherwise existing disadvantage due to the present handicap → form
  • Person with chronic disease → valid (<12 weeks) specialized medical certificate, confirming the necessity of an advanced course selection in order to aviod any disadvantages → form

Early Internship Election

An early internship election is possible once the acknowledgement of certain circumstances was approved. The requested form can be found here or directly on the page of  "Zentrum für Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung (ZfL)" under the rubric "Schulpraktika".