Centres at Europa-Universität Flensburg

The Europa-Universität Flensburg is aiming to raise its profile in the field of research. To do this, three research centres are supported by the University in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg. Two additional research centres have been established as central scientific institutions.

Furthermore, the University has a number of central institutions which provide key services.

Research Centres

The Europa-Universität Flensburg supports the establishment of research centres in order to raise its research profile, to increase funding opportunities from third parties and to promote the University's profile. Professors and scientific staff can be members of several research centres, because work in one research centre does not affect affiliation to an institute.

Joint research centres with the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg:

Central Scientific Institutions

The following research institutions are also currently established at Europa-Universität-Flensburg as central scientific institutions:

The Centre of Teacher Training (ZfL)

The Centre of Teacher Training deals with the conceptual design and coordination of the school internships that form part of the teacher training program. It also supports research into schools, education and teacher training and represents the Department of Teacher Training of Europa-Universität Flensburg in regional, national and international thematic contexts. In addition, ZfL is responsible for the partial study courses in the field of "Education and Training".

Central Institutions which mainly provide services

Finally, the university has a number of central institutions which mainly provide services. These include: