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Please help a young family

Two years ago Alison, Michiel, and baby Oda came to Germany for a better education and a life in a safer country.

In order to be able to continue in the bachelor's program "European Culture and Society", the South African couple needs to prove 20.472 Euro in an account.

They already covered 2 years with their life savings, but currency devaluation in their country, illnesses and unforseen extra expenses, have reduced their savings.

Appeal for donations

The EUF Foundation "Fördergesellschaft der Universität Flensburg e. V." wants to help and ask university members, students and the population for donations.

Alison and Michiel are both students and hope to become productive members of society. In Flensburg, they are safe, get good healthcare and are hopeful about the future. Their home country is plagued with crime, poverty, corruption and they had no hope there.

Unfortunately, their stay here is at risk because in order for them to remain in Germany they have to prove that they have sufficient funds. They receive no funding from the government or any social security. The aim is to help them stay in the country to complete their studies. Little Oda has special healthcare needs since he has missed important development milestones. Alison also has a severe illness and needs special treatment and medication.

Dancing and helping

On Friday, October 18th at the "Tanzbar" we invite you to donate money for the family.

A coffee for a better life

Please consider making a donation. For as little as the price of a cup of coffee, you could already make a big difference in their lives.

A donation receipt can be provided if needed (contact

Please donate to the following account:

Fördergesellschaft der Universität Flensburg e. V.Nord-Ostsee SparkasseIBAN: DE06 2175 0000 0164 5224 92Verwendungszweck: Spendenaktion Michiel, Alison and Oda

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