What we offer

We are currently working at an accelerated pace to open our service office, the "STUBBS" (Student Office for Barrier-Sensitive Service). In addition to our academic staff, STUBBS is run by student assistants who bring into practice the 'service' in the service office. For this, we need to guarantee the future recruitment and training of student assistants. We are currently developing a concept to make this service sustainable.

Preparing barrier-sensitive teaching/learning materials like PPT, audio and video, or other digital tools is a specific example of what we do. Since the focus is also on communication,  STUBBS will act as an exchange forum on this topic for all involved actors at EUF.

STUBBS provides a platform for knowledge exchange, both on campus and digitally.

STUBBS is currently developing a tool box with templates, handouts and standards for the implementation of barrier-sensitive digital teaching, which will serve as an ongoing, continuously-developed resource. The box includes small tutorials and further material collections.

A collection of tools, internet sources, tutorials, best practices and training courses will soon be available here.