This is how the enrollment procedure works

Students who have already studied their study program in the spring semester at the EUF can enroll in courses before the beginning of the orientation week (see table 1).

Students in the first semester enroll in their courses during the orientation week (see table 1).

The whole precedure consists of three phases:

  1.     Enrollment phase
  2.     Allocation phase
  3.     Residual allocation

Enrollment phase: During this period, course requests can be entered in Studiport.

Allocation phase: After the enrollment phase, the available places are allocated on the basis of the course requests entered. The allocation is done by an algorithm.

Residual allocation: Places that were not allocated during the allocation phase can be choosen in a residual allocation. This allows the result of the allocation phase to be adjusted individually, as long as there are still places available.

Tabelle 1: Course enrollment autumn semester 2021

Course Enrollment Autumn 2021
06.09. 8 Uhr - 22.09. 23:59 Uhr

all students

Students can enter course requests in Studiport
23.09. AdministrationAllocation of places
24.09. - 08.10.all studentsAllocation of remaining places on a first come, first served basis. See table 2 for the chronological sequence

Table 2: Allocation of remaining places; 24. September - 08. October


BA International Management;

BA European Cultures and Society


MA International Management;

MA European Studies

11:00:00Bachelor Bildungswissenschaften semester 6 and higher
12:00:00Bachelor Bildungswissenschaften semester 3, 4, 5
13:00:00Bachelor Bildungswissenschaften semester 1, 2

MA Vocational Education

MA Kultur, Sprache, Medien

MA Transformationsstudien

MA Bildung in Europa

MA Prävention und Gesundheit


MA Grundschule

MA Gemeinschaftsschule

MA Sekundarschule Sek I

MA Sekundarschule

MA Gymnasium

MA Sonderpädagogik