Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein/Student Services Schleswig-Holstein

The Studentenwerk Schleswig Holstein supports students by providing a canteen (delicious food at reasonable prices), dormitories (affordable housing located directly on the campus) and assistance in BAföG-related matters (providing advice and processing student loan applications).

Furthermore, the Studentenwerk supports students in their studies on campus, for example by providing psychological and social counseling centres, daycare centres or by granting graduation or bridging loans (information on all of these services can be found under the heading: Social Affairs).

The Studentenwerk's advice centre is located in the canteen, on the first floor. 

Information on counseling services

Short description:

Open advice services in personal, social and economic matters plus information on student jobs, social security benefits, health insurance, grants and short-term loans.


What is possible, what is useful, what is realistic, taking into account the specific situation and personal circumstances?

    • Basic information on student loans (BAföG)
    • Social security benefits (unemployment benefits "SGB II", housing allowance, child benefits)
    • Health insurance (the different types)
    • Student jobs (types of employment, rules regarding student employees, labour law, taxes)
    • Loans
    • Scholarships
    • Parental maintenance

Special study conditions

  • Studying as a parent (ways of financing the studies),
  • Studies with a disability or chronic disease

Information about counseling

Short description:

Psychological help and support in cases of learning difficulties, exam anxiety, psycho-sociological problems, psychosomatic disorders etc.

Advice in personality, partnership and performance-related matters such as

  • interruptions of work,
  • study-related conflicts
  • exam anxiety but also in cases of
  • low self-esteem,
  • contact disorders,
  • sexual problems and
  • psychosomatic disorders