Student Self-Administration

Within the framework of Student Self-Administration students (either directly or indirectly) choose their own representatives, in particular for:

The Student Parliament (StuPa)

StuPa is the central collegial organ of all students and the parliament that represents students from all departments. It decides on students' affairs such as the budget, the semester ticket and on rules or regulations. It is elected for a term of one year and consists of 25 members. StuPA elects the students' executive committee: AStA.

General Student Committee (AStA)

AStA is the collegial management body and is authorised by StuPa, the executive body representing the interests of all students. It is elected by StuPa for a term of one year and manages students' affairs as well as representing it externally. It consists of different departments and the management board (e.g. for higher education policy, social affairs, culture or sports).
It is financed by the semester fee which is paid by all students. StuPa determines on how the semester fee is used when it decides on the budget. 



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Tel.: +49 461 - 805 – 2133

  • More information: AStA 

Student Representatives

Student Representatives represent the interests of students in the individual departments. Each year, students from the respective departments select their canditates to be the Student Representatives.

The Student Representatives are an important basis of student self-organization. The elected representatives are involved in higher education policy work within the faculty or the department, by representing the students' technical interests vis à vis their lecturers. They also assist with the planning of courses and provide support if there are any problems with lecturers, raise issues and enliven the culture within the department.

More information: Student Representatives