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Service Centre for Examination Matters (SPA)

Welcome to the Service Centre for Examination matters (SPA) at the International Institute of Management and Economic Education. Here you can find all important information for students regarding examination matters at the International Institute of Management and Economic Education (IIM) and for the program European Cultures and Society (EUCS).:

  • B.A. International Management (IM)
  • B.A. European Cultures and Societys (EUCS)
  • M.A. European Studies (EUS)
  • M.A. International Management Studies (IMS)



Internship regulations pursuant to the Examination Regulation B.A. "International Management"; M.A. "International Management Studies"; M.A. "European Studies"

As part of the "compulsory elective subject" 1 (Bachelor) or of the specialization (Master), a full-time internship of at least four weeks, that is relevant to the study program, may be awarded/recognized with 5 CP. Proof of performance is required in the form of an internship report of at least 10 pages, which will be marked either "pass" or "fail". The report must be handed in to the supervising tutor, no later than 8 weeks after the end of the internship, as a printed copy and an electronic version (please attach this to the printed copy). The report should include the following:

  • Cover sheet

    • Personal details of the author (name, student ID number)
    • Details of the organization where the internship was completed (name, department, supervisor, telephone number)
    • Duration of the internship (start and end date of the internship, how many hours in total)
    • Name of the supervising tutor
    • Date

  • Report section

As a minimum, the report on the internship should contain the following information:

  • Short description of the company or institution
  • Description of the tasks
  • Relevance of the internship for the degree course

Registration form for the "International Management" Bachelor degree.

Registration form for the "International Management Studies" Master degree.

Registration form for the "European Studies" Master degree

Notification of sickness

Notification of sickness

Should a student fall ill on the day of the exam and cannot write the exam, then he/she must hand in the form "subsequent exam registration/subsequent de-registration from exams" together with a medical certificate to SPA without delay. Without delay means no later than on the day of the exam.

The notification of sickness must be sent immediately by e-mail to , the original forms must then be sent by post within 3 days.

Bachelor/Master's thesis

Bachelor/Master's thesis

The application for a topic must be made in writing, using the appropriate application form for

Examination rules 2016

Examination rules 2017

Examination rules 2019

Hints and tips for preparing final papers:

Bachelor or Master

Change of Address

Change of Address

All important information issued by the University will be sent to the address that you provided to the student secretariat when your first apllied to the University or when you first enrolled.

You are required to notify us without delay if your contact details change after enrollment. If any important information fails to reach you because you did not notify us of any changes to your contact details, the you are responsible for any resulting disadvantages.

There are several ways in which you can notify us of any changes to your contact details:

  1. By contacting the student secretariat directly,
  2. By changing the details in Studiport (this is only possible if you are already taking part in the electronic procedure for registering for examinations and have received your login information for Studi Port) or
  3. By written a notification using the following form.

If you can be contacted at more than one address, please let us know which of the addresses is to be your postal address.



 Affidavit of Original Work


Graduation Certificate

Graduation Certificate

Students of the International Institute of Management IIM, European Cultures and Society EUCS and European Studies EUS, who can prove that they have achieved all required examination results, may request their graduation certificate with the online registration form.


After you have completed your studies, if you are not continuing your studies with us, you must submit an application for exmatriculation to the Registrar's Office. This is important because only then will you receive a certificate of exmatriculation, which you will need later for your pension, etc.

You can find the application for de-registration on the website of the EUF Student Secretariat at .

You can get a certified copy of your diploma at the Presidium of the Europa-Universität Flensburg.

Recognition of Course Credits

Recognition of Course Credits

For the recognition of any previous course credits, students have to submit respective performance records/certificates/transcripts of records together with the form for the recognition of previous course credits to the respective person in charge of the particular course module. This form, signed and stamped, needs to be submitted to SPA, together with copies of the records submitted as proof.

Registering for examinations and lectures

Registering for examinations and lectures

Students must register for exams and for courses within the applicable deadline and as specified by the Service Centre for Examination Matters. Students usually register for exams at the same time as they register for courses. Students must regester/de-register for exams no later than two weeks before the examination date. Students register for exams via the Studiport

It is not possible to register for an exam after the registration deadline has elapsed. The exam may then be taken at the next available examination date.

Summer School European Studies

Summer School European Studies

Registration a Summer School (European Studies)

Must be handed in to the examination office before the Summer School begins!

Within the elective courses an extracurricular Summer School can be accepted to the extent of 5 CP/ECTS, on the condition that it is relevant to the M.A. European Studies and has been approved by the Head of Studies (in advance). 

Further information you will find on the registration form Summer School.

Transcript of Records

Transcript of Records

The transcirpt of records can be printed out automatically within Studiport. Should you require a signed copy, you are welcome to drop in during our opening hours (Mon 13:30-15:30 and Wed 09:30-11.30).

Change of examination regulations

[Translate to 2-English:] Change of study and examination regulations

The currently valid study and examination regulations allow a change of the examination regulations from the previous version of the examination regulations to the new version (M.A. EUS § 30, Para. 2 of the PO 2019).

The following applies to this:

  • The change is initially voluntary (compulsory for Master's students in European Studies from HS 21/22) - students should check the conditions and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. You can get advice on this from the EUS Student Advisory Service.
  • The change must be applied for in writing at the Service Centre for Examination Matters (SPA) to Ms Karin Drenkow and is irrevocable.

Application procedure and transfer to the new examination regulations

The following steps are required:

  1. Once you have been assessed for all examinations you registered for under the old PO, have a transcript of records issued.
  2. Submit the completed form for the change to the new PO, together with the transcript of records, to Ms Drenkow at the SPA IIM ( ).