Preliminary Courses

The course of studies usually begins during the first week of lectures with an orientation week. However, in some programs, it may be necessary to attend preliminary courses before the official begin of all lectures. The following information will be updated before the beginning of the Fall Semester.

This applies, at the moment, to the following degree programs: 

1. Bachelor International Management, both language directions:

On 28.8.2017 a first introduction to the degree program will take place. You can find more information about the room location and the begin of studies here!

2. International Management, Option Danish

Students of International Management without sufficient language skills in Danish should attend several weeks of intensive language courses before the semester begins. All IM first semester students with the option Danish can find more information about the Danish intensive courses through the link provided in the letter of acceptance. The course is usually organized by our partner university SDU and begins in September.

3. International Management, Option Spanish
Students of International Management who do not have sufficient language skills in Spanish yet, should take part in multi-week intensive language courses before the semester begins. More details about the Spanish courses can be found here.

4. B.A. Educational Sciences, Danish
Information from the Institute for Danish Language, Literature and its didactics: Very good to good Danish skills are required to study Danish. To this end, a multi-week preliminary course is offered (for participants with previous knowledge). The placement test will take place on 10.08.2017, 09:00 am - 01:00 pm. All new students of the partial program Danish will receive an invitation with detailed information, time and place, in early September. The intensive courses will start at 28.08.2017.

5. Preliminary Course Mathematics for

    1. Physics, B.A. Educational Sciences
    2. Physics, M.Ed. Vocational Education/Teaching at Vocational Colleges

    The mathematics preliminary course for Physics students generally takes place the week (Monday to Friday from 7:45am-1:30pm) before the Introduction Week of the Fall Semester. The goal of the course is to give new students the mathematical tools for the lectures of the first semester and the first two laboratory practicals. The specific topics relevant to the study of physics will be discussed in precise detail.

6. Intensive courses in German
We offer intensive courses in German for our international students. These courses begin three weeks before the semester starts. Please see German Language Courses.