The city of Flensburg is characterized by its waterside location and by the immediate proximity of its neighboring country, Denmark. Located at the northernmost point in Germany, the city of Flensburg is the gateway to Scandinavia. It is only a few miles drive to the Danish border; the Kingdom of Denmark is located even closer to Flensburg than Husum or Kiel, and you can actually see it from the beach at Wassersleben.

The campus is located about two kilometres from the city centre. Approximately one in ten residents of Flensburg is enrolled at Europa-Universität Flensburg or at University of Applied Sciences. This is particularly noticeable during the summer months, when there is a lively atmosphere in this university town. As soon as the cold days are over and the last lectures have ended students meet at the beach or at the place to be on the harbor, the "Hafenspitze".

Get to know the city

Whether it's the reflecting water, the sailboats, gently rocked by the waves, the sunset or the fact that there is always someone you know - everyone likes the heart of Flensburg.

Away from the water, Flensburg's historical city centre and its identity, developed over many centuries, is one of the landmarks of the city. Spared attacks in times of war, Art Nouveau style houses and old villas can be found everywhere in the city. Its small streets are home to cafes, numerous courtyards, rum producers, a wide pedestrian zone, harbor pubs and several beaches.

 Curious? For more information about the city and its cultural attractions please visit www.flensburg.de and the website of the tourist information office.