The Phänomenta

The "Phänomenta" museum is a special institution of Europa-Universität Flensburg. It is administratively attached to the University and the Department of Physics, whose teaching methods and history provides the Phänomenta with scientific assistance.

At its own 3,000 qm (32,291.73 sq ft) premises in the city centre of Flensburg, the Phänomenta provides many interactive attractions, where children and young people are free to experiment. The purpose of the Phänomenta is to allow space for curiousity and to make scientific technical phenomena accessible to people. Visitors will have an adventure whilst they experience and learn about a variety of educational topics. The "Zwergen-Phänomenta" (tiny Phänomenta), also housed in the museum, is aimed at children ages 3 to 6 years old.

The Phänomenta is not only very useful for teacher training in scientific and technical subjects, it provides students with a large realm of practice for educational concepts allowing them to test different project ideas and to put them into practice publicly. In addition, students regularly work at the Phänomenta during their studies and provide assistance to visitors at the different experiment stations. It provides them with a job opportunity related directly to their future careers.