Research Funding

Europa-Universität Flensburg offers a variety of research funding pathways to scholars on campus. In addition to the university’s own structured funding programs and initiatives, scholars at EUF have access to the wide range of funding options offered by national and international third-party foundations and programs. Individual researchers can also seek targeted support and guidance from the specialized research advisors on campus, or use the available funding databases to search for suitable programs and current calls.

Funding provided through the EUF Office for Research

Learn more about the funding programs, scholarships and resources offered by the EUF Office for Research  for different target groups.

Application guidelines for third-party funding proposals

Find current guidelines about applying for third-party research project funding at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

Calculating staff costs

You can use the cost calculator to help calculate personnel costs for a specific research project (it can also be downloaded from the Intranet). For more differentiated personnel budgeting calculations and other cost estimates, please contact the Research Funding Advisory Team.