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Online Marketing Workshop / E-Commerce - PsyConversion

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What's it about?

In this workshop you will learn about specific behavioral patterns that can be applied to improve your user experience and conversion rate throughout the customer's e-commerce journey. In other words: you'll learn how you can reach more customers online using psychological techniques!

We will show you how our brain makes decisions, which unconscious behavioral patterns are used, and how these can be activated in the digital environment.

Our Expert

Lara Rossi has specialized in (online) marketing, user experience and PsyConversion. Lara uses this expertise as a consultant at the "New Commerce" marketing consultancy elaboratum, where she helps leading companies optimize their online presence on a daily basis.

Certificate of participation

You will receive a certificate of participation upon your successful completion of the workshop.

Who is it for?

The workshop is aimed at students, university staff and startup teams who want to expand their marketing knowledge or are already working concretely on optimizing their user experience.

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