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Networks in changing business ecosystems - 5th International Research Symposium

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Understanding how firms and other stakeholders cooperate and exploit networked resources is the core agenda of this research symposium.

Increasingly, owning resources appears to be less relevant to contemporary organisations than having access to resourceful networks. Businesses need to take into account the interplay between local activities in regional clusters and those embedded in global value chains in turbulent times. Their various value creation activities may follow different organisational principles – exchange modes vary between market, hierarchy and cooperative governance forms. The notion of cultivating and accessing resourceful networks is thus significant. Business activities extend beyond the focal firm and into a dynamic relational space which connects stakeholders, other firms and industry participants in changing ecosystems.

The organisers of the research symposium have the aim to bring together researchers from diverse backgrounds to share knowledge and insights into the topic of networks in changing Business environments. Building on this interdisciplinary exchange we seek to establish a broad cooperative research agenda about the contemporary role of businesses in an increasingly networked world.



HEL 164
Europa-Universität Flensburg
Gebäude Helsinki
Auf dem Campus 1a
ZIP / City
24943 Flensburg
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Prof. Susanne Royer IIM/Abt. Strategisches und Internationales Management