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Micro-Barcamp at EUF

Are you interested in meeting new people to exchange ideas? Looking for an adventure? Want to join an informal "Barcamp"?

NonTechWednesday is a complement to TechWednesday. On NonTechWednesday, we get together to talk about the ideas that you bring to the table. Those who attend suggest topics and those with the most "votes" are covered in the meeting through a 15 minute talk and the round-table discussion that follows. This event takes place once per semester.

Who can join?

All researchers, professors and lecturers, students and interested persons from both EUF and the Flensburg University for Applied Sciences is warmly invited to participate in NonTechWednesday. 

To suggest a topic and for further information:


Changing venue; currently virtual
See link below for current information.


Dock1 VentureWærft
Dr. Su-Hyun Berg (@ventureDock) and Gunnar Plöhn (TeStUp StartUpLab@FH)
Kanzleistraße 91-93
ZIP / City
24943 Flensburg