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Inaugural Lecture by Maurizio Bach: Vilfredo Pareto's Foundations of Political Sociology

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Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923), the Italian classic of sociology, is considered one of the founding figures of theoretical sociology.

The core of his social theory is based on the assumption that human action is primarily determined by emotions ("residuals"). However, the emotions guiding action are simultaneously provided with a "varnish layer of logic" ("derivations"), and are thus "rationalized". In modern secularized society, rationalizations typically take the form of social and political doctrines, pseudo-scientific, questionable and aberrant teachings, etc.

With his original and far-sighted approach, Pareto made a significant contribution to a political sociology based on emotion and communication theory, which deserved to be more widely recognized again, especially in light of the current political crises in Europe related to elite critique, right-wing populism, the Corona crisis, and war propaganda.

In his inaugural lecture, Maurizio Bach will give an introductory overview of Vilfredo Pareto's social theory and its added value for a current analysis of European society.

The lecture will be followed by a small reception.


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