Main areas of research

At a small university like the Europa-Universität Flensburg it is necessary to focus on only a small number of research areas in order to guarantee a pooling of resources and the participation of enough scientists for each research area, so that larger, interrelated groups of themes can be covered in the necessary depth. The current areas of research in educational sciences, interdisciplinary European Studies, economics and sustainable development are being expanded. It is not always possible to distinguish between areas of research, so the University encourages and supports cooperation between institutions and departments to allow the development of new ideas. Within individual areas, it is necessary that scientists focus on a particular topic. This is supported by the Research Centres and research networks in the fields of "School - Lectures - Education - Socialization" and "Interdisciplinary European Studies". It is planned that research is to be developed further as follows:

Educational Sciences

Educational research is the Europa-Universität Flensburg's primary research task and is conducted in particular through the Centre for Teacher Training (ZfL) and the interdisciplinary and integrative research network "School - Lectures - Education - Socialization". Topics relevant to lectures and educational non-school teaching environments play an important role. In order to coordinate activities and assess the need for support by the University management and administration, regular research network workshops are organized. The medium-term goal is to develop the network into a centre for educational research. Whenever new lecturers are appointed and junior positions are filled in any of the teaching-related subjects, great emphasis is placed on research achievements and prospects.

Interdisciplinary European Studies

The Research Centre for Interdisciplinary European Studies is currently under development. Its task will be to integrate and, if required, develop lines of research from the areas of cultural studies, humanities, social sciences, media sciences and economics.


The established main areas of research in strategy and organizations in the fields of organizational behavior, small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurship, educational economics, Europe/globalization and the labor market/diversity/justice and related interdisciplinary research within and outside the University, will continue to receive support. It is planned that the existing cooperations with the Danish partner universities in the area of teaching will be expanded in this area of research.

Environmental Sciences / Sustainable Development

Environmental Sciences, with a focus on sustainable development, including the Education for Sustainable Development (BNE), are already an interdisciplinary topic of several departments and centres at the Europa-Universität Flensburg, including the Interdisciplinary Institute for Environmental, Social and Human Sciences, the Institute for Mathematical, Scientific and Technical Education, the ZNES (Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems) and the NEC (Norbert Elias Centre). In view of the great significance of the topic for society in general and in view of existing strengths in this field, this research area is to be developed further. The University is especially supportive of the ZNES becoming the International Centre for Sustainable Energy and Climate Systems (ISEC), which is planned in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg. This new Centre will deal with the research, application, teaching of concepts and technical solutions appropriate for a sustainable climate protection and fully renewable energy supply.

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