Teaching evaluation (LVE)

The evaluation statutes of the EUF stipulate every lecturer to have students evaluate at least one of his/her classes each semester using one of the LVE questionnaires offered.

Two questionnaires are used at the EUF for this purpose.

  •     You can either use an outcome-oriented questionnaire based on the BEvaKomp instrument. If you want to evaluate your teaching in a student-oriented way and use this to further develop your course, this questionnaire is suitable for you.
  •     Or you can use a process-oriented questionnaire based on the HILVE2 questionnaire. If you would like to receive feedback on yourself as a teacher, choose this questionnaire.

Two different formats are available, depending on whether it is used in a lecture or in a seminar.

The questionnaires are issued specifically for your classes, so that the questionnaires can only be used for the respective course. For this purpose, the name of the course is explicitly indicated in the header of the questionnaires.

If a course is to be evaluated for you, please only use our application form.


    It is important for a meaningful teaching evaluation that the survey

  •         exceeds a total number of ten respondents and
  •         the return rate of the evaluation forms is not less than 25%.

    Experiences show that it is disadvantageous to conduct a survey in the last semester meeting, as few students are expected to be present. It is therefore advisable to conduct the survey in the autumn semester between the end of December and the beginning of January and in the spring semester between the end of June and the beginning of July. Furthermore, if the survey is conducted in good time, you will have the opportunity to optimise your course directly.
    Please note that it takes at least one week to prepare the evaluation forms.

In order to guarantee the anonymity of the students' data after the survey, more than four participants must have taken part. If this is not the case, the survey will not be evaluated and you will receive a corresponding message by email. If you have a course with four or fewer students, please have different course evaluated.

For feedback on your teaching, the QM offers an uncomplicated digital teaching analysis tool. This is based on the three questions of the Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP). You can integrate these questions into your course as an online survey by passing on a participation link to your students. The students have the opportunity to answer the following questions (limited space: 300 characters):

    What do you find conducive to learning in this course?
    What makes your learning difficult?
    What suggestions do you have for improvement on the issues mentioned above and beyond?

After the survey, we will send you an Excel table with all the feedback. We do not edit the feedback.

If you would like to use this tool, please send us a short request by email.

  • outcome-oriented LVE questionnaire (Focus on the students learning)
  • process-oriented LVE questionaire (Focus on the teaching staff)

All questionnaires are designed for online surveys.

Online-questionnaires are provided with the English version. The language option can be adjusted by the individual participants, once they start the survey.


These questionnaires are only samples and can not be used for your specific class.

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