What courses am I required to take?

This question will be answered by the lecturers and Professors during Orientation Week.

Orientation Week Events

The Orientation Week events will take place during the first week of lectures of the Winter Semester (see the general schedule here).

During these orientation events

  • You will get to know your lecturers and Professors,
  • You will learn what you will be expected to do during your studies,
  • How to put together your class schedule,
  • How to register for classes and exams

and many other things.

Current information will be provided in a timely manner, before the beginning of Orientation Week.

You will only be allowed to start registering for your classes and exams at the end of Orientation Week.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the course catalog already, click here.

You can find a description of how your degree program is structured from the homepage, in the portal ‘Students,’ following the link to Study Programs (under the tab ‘structure’).

Course Catalog

The course catalog, with details of all the regular class of the current and coming semester, appears in the so-called Studiport.

What classes you have to attend and how to enroll for them will be demonstrated during Orientation Week. At the end of Orientation Week, you will be able to register for your chosen seminars and lectures.