The region surrounding Flensburg

Schleswig-Holstein is the state of the horizons between the seas.

Popular destinations are cities and towns such as

  • Glücksburg (close by) with its famous moated castle, rose gardens and the Triathlon "Ostseeman" in the summer
  • Schleswig, with its chateau and picturesque old harbor town
  • Husum, located on the North Sea coast, with its town centre, habor and the Wadden Sea
  • Sonderborg (Denmark), with its beautiful town centre along the fjord and a view from "the other side".

The region around Flensburg offers you beautiful places by the Baltic Sea, along the fjord and the Oxen Islands in the Flensburg Fjord. The North Sea coast and the holiday islands of Sylt and Föhr are within easy reach, too.

There are plenty of opportunities for kite surfers in St. Peter-Ording, Kappeln, Holnis (peninsula at Glücksburg). There are not only things to do for water sports enthusiasts. The North Sea coast and the Baltic Sea coast cycle trails, as well as the old "Ochsenweg", all lead through the beautiful landscapes of Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark.

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